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The Dragon King is looking for a wife.


This news throws the women in my village into a tizzy. The king will be sending out the royal guard to bring women of childbearing age to his castle in Jade City.


There is only one requirement: the woman must carry enough magic to produce an heir for him.


I'm a watered-down human with a mere ten percent dragon magic lineage, I know I won't be chosen, but for some reason the magic sniffers command me to present myself to the king as a possible wife.


I'm ready to go to Jade City until my mother tells me a terrifying secret. A secret that could get me killed... by the king himself.


The Last Dragon King

    • ISBN-13: 9781951578275
    • ISBN-10: 1951578279
    • Publisher: Leia Stone LLC
    • Publish Date: September 2022
    • Dimensions: 8 x 5 x 0.79 inches
    • Shipping Weight: 0.85 pounds
    • Page Count: 356
    • Paperback
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