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I am the servant of a merciless God. I am the daughter of Its preacher. All my life, my power has been controlled by others. They raised me to be meek and stifled my magic.


But no more.


A brutal murder led me to discover a mysterious house full of magic - and the ancient, powerful demon within. He says my power can change the world, that I can kill the evil creature I once worshipped.


But at what cost?




For two thousand years, I've been alone. Slaughtering fallen Gods as I searched for the witch that haunted my dreams, begging for my help.


Now that I've found her, I will protect her with my life. But when the fate of Earth, Heaven, and Hell hangs in the balance, not even her soul is safe from destruction.


If a choice must be made, I'll let the world burn if it means having her as my own.


Soul of a Witch is book 3 in the Souls Trilogy. Each book within the Souls Trilogy is interconnected, following a different couple through a similar timeline in the fictional world of Abelaum.


Content Note

This book contains sexual scenes, kink/fetish content, horror elements, and drug use. Please see the book preview for complete CW.


Soul of a Witch

    • ISBN-13: 9798218270797
    • ISBN-10: 9798218270797
    • Publisher: Harley Laroux Publications
    • Publish Date: August 2023
    • Dimensions: 8 x 5 x 1.21 inches
    • Shipping Weight: 1.29 pounds
    • Page Count: 598
    • Paperback
    • Ages 18+
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