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Every action has consequences.


I made one foolish mistake and ended up with a debt I had only one way to bowing my head and submitting to the men I swore I hated. But in their dominance I found catharsis. In the darkness we share, parts of myself were brought to the light.


I've been wearing a mask for far too long.


Now I'm torn between the future I thought I wanted, and a life I once believed was only fantasy.


These feelings between us were never just a game.


What am I willing to sacrifice? My pride and carefully laid plans, my determination that I can do it all alone? Or my new-found freedom to live without boundaries with the men who turned my world on its head? How much am I willing to give up?


Who am I willing to lose?


Although not required, it is recommended to read the novella, The Dare, prior to reading Losers.


This book is part 2 of a duet. It is First Person, Multi POV.


Losers is an 18+ polyamorous bisexual romance between one woman and four men, including MF, MM, and group scenes. Reader discretion is strongly advised, this is a dark read. This book contains graphic sexual scenes, intense scenes of BDSM, graphic violence, and strong language. A full content note can be found in the front matter of the book.




Losers : Part II

    • ISBN-13: 9798218119478
    • ISBN-10: 9798218119478
    • Publisher: Harley Laroux Publications
    • Publish Date: December 2022
    • Dimensions: 8 x 5 x 1.17 inches
    • Shipping Weight: 1.24 pounds
    • Page Count: 576
    • Paperback
    • Ages 18+
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